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2 juillet, 2008

Procurador da República em Genebra deveria reanimar investigação sobre corrupção envolvendo dinheiro de petróleo Angolano

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Geneva Prosecutor must revive Angola Oil Corruption Probe (also in Port & Fr) Procurador da República em Genebra deveria reanimar investigação sobre corrupção envolvendo dinheiro de petróleo Angolano  white
Author: Global Witness, Action Place financière Suisse (AFP), Berne Declaration Date Written: 14 February 2008
Primary Category: Angola Document Origin: Global Witness
Secondary Category: Economic Justice Source URL: http://www.publishwhatyoupay.org
Key Words: Angola, bribery, Falcone, Zappelli, prosecution

African Charter Article #21: All peoples shall freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources for their exclusive interest, eliminating all forms of foreign economic exploitation. (Click for full text…)

African Charter Article #21

1. All peoples shall freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources. This right shall be exercised in the exclusive interest of the people. In no case shall a people be deprived of it.

2. In case of spoliation the dispossessed people shall have the right to the lawful recovery of its property as well as to an adequate compensation.

3. The free disposal of wealth and natural resources shall be exercised without prejudice to the obligation of promoting international economic cooperation based on mutual respect, equitable exchange and the principles of international law.

4. States parties to the present Charter shall individually and collectively exercise the right to free disposal of their wealth and natural resources with a view to strengthening African unity and solidarity.

5. States parties to the present Charter shall undertake to eliminate all forms of foreign economic exploitation particularly that practiced by international monopolies so as to enable their peoples to fully benefit from the advantages derived from their national resources.

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Summary & Comment: This press release in 3 languages comes from 3 anti-corruption agencies, calling on the Geneva Prosecutor to reopen cases against Daniel Zappelli and Pierre Falcone for accepting payments from the Angolan government around oil and debt transactions in the early 90’s. JK


 Geneva Prosecutor must revive Angola Oil Corruption Probe

Anti-corruption organizations Action Place financière Suisse (AFP), Berne Declaration and Global Witness today called on the Public Prosecutor and the Investigating Judge of Geneva to take action in a criminal investigation pending since 2000 into alleged corruption that involves significant public funds and key political figures in Angola, one of Africa’s major oil producers.

The case concerns hundreds of millions of dollars of suspicious transactions through a bank account in Geneva at the end of the 1990s. The funds in question were Angolan oil revenues destined to repay the country’s debt with Russia. There is sufficient evidence of the crimes of corruption of foreign public officials and money laundering for an investigation to be carried out. Despite this, a criminal complaint into this case was shut down by the Public Prosecutor of Geneva, Daniel Zappelli, at the end of 2004.

On 22 December 2006, a group of Angolan citizens called on Prosecutor Zappelli to reopen the case. In July 2007, a legal memo outlining in detail why the case should be reopened was also deposed with the Prosecutor and with the investigating judge in charge of the case, Vincent Fournier. To date, there has been no further action on the part of the authorities.

In a letter of 12 February, the three advocacy groups called on the Genevan Prosecutor and Investigating judge to proactively pursue the Abalone investigation. According to André Rothenbühler of AFP “the Swiss judicial authorities, particularly those in Geneva, must prioritize the fight against corruption and money laundering. Otherwise their behaviour seriously calls into question the credibility of Switzerland’s international anti-corruption commitments.”

From 1997 to 2001, US$ 774 million of Angolan oil revenues were paid into an account at UBS Geneva belonging to Abalone Investment Limited, a shell company run by businessman Pierre Falcone and his associate Arcadi Gaydamak. This sum was intended to repay Angola’s bilateral debt with Russia, but only US$ 161 millions were transferred from Abalone to an account marked Russian Ministry of Finance. Around $600 million was transferred to accounts belonging to Falcone, Gaydamak and a series of obscure companies, with millions ending up in the private accounts of high-ranking Angolan officials, including President Dos Santos, according to a memo reproduced in the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné and documents seen by Global Witness.1 Falcone was investigated for ‘money laundering, support for a criminal organisation’ and ‘corruption of foreign public officials’ in the Swiss enquiry closed by Zapelli. Gaydamak was never formally charged. Both men deny any misappropriation of funds.

Falcone is due to stand trial in France later this year in criminal proceedings arising from the ‘Angolagate’ scandal, which involved alleged illegal arms trafficking to Angola during the civil war. He has already been given an four-year prison sentence for tax fraud and sentenced to a further year by French courts for receiving commissions in a case involving misappropriation of public funds via Sofremi, a company which promoted the sale of security material.2

Anne-Kathrin Glatz of the Berne Declaration commented: “With the first democratic elections taking place in Angola this year, Angolan citizens must know the truth about any involvement of their authorities in alleged misappropriation of public assets. Their oil revenues must be managed transparently and go towards poverty reduction.” Angola’s annual earnings from oil are around $US 15 billion. Despite this wealth, three quarters of its citizens live below the poverty line.3

Press Contacts:     

André Rothenbühler, Aktion Finanzplatz Schweiz +41 (0)61 693 17 00 or +41 (0)79 273 61 43
Anne-Kathrin Glatz, Berne Declaration (+41 (0)21 620 03 09/or 41 (0)76 542 32 62) Sarah Wykes, Global Witness (+44 (0)207 561 6263 or +44 (0)7703 108 449  

Notes :

1. See ‘Time for Transparency’, Global Witness, March 2004, pp. 41-45  

2. See Le Monde ‘Pierre Falcone condamné à quatre ans de prison ferme pour fraude fiscale’, 18 January 2008 and AFP ‘Prison ferme pour le fils Pasqua et Pierre Falcone dans le dossier Sofremi’, 11 December 2007. 3. See‘IMF Executive Board Concludes 2006 Article IV Consultation with Angola’, FMI, 15 November 2006 (http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pn/2006/pn06133.htm) and ‘ANGOLA: Poor marks for progress on MDG’, IRIN, 23 October 2006 (http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?ReportId=61395). 

************* Portuguese. 


Procurador da República em Genebra deveria reanimar investigação sobre corrupção envolvendo dinheiro de petróleo Angolano

As organizações anti-corrupção Action Place financière Suisse (AFP), Declaration de Berne e Global Witness apelam hoje ao Procurador da República de Genebra e ao Juiz responsável de reiniciar uma investigação criminal pendente desde 2000 relativa a alegada corrupção envolvendo grande quantidade de fundos públicos e figuras políticas em Angola, um dos maiores produtores de petróleo Africanos.

O caso diz respeito a centenas de milhões de dólares de transacções suspeitas feitas através de uma conta bancária em Genebra nos finais dos anos 90. Os fundos em questão eram provenientes de receitas do petróleo Angolano destinadas a pagar a dívida do país com a Rússia. Existem provas suficientes de crimes de corrupção de oficiais de negócios estrangeiros e lavagem de capital para que uma investigação seja levada a cabo. Para além disto, uma queixa criminal contra este caso foi silenciada pelo Procurador da República em Genebra, Daniel Zappelli, no final de 2004.

Em Dezembro de 2006, um grupo de cidadãos Angolanos apresentou um apelo ao Procurador Zappelli solicitando que este reabrisse o caso. Em Julho de 2007 um memorando legal sublinhando em detalhe as razões por que o caso deveria ser reaberto foi também apresentado ao Procurador e ao juíz responsável pela investigação do caso, Vincent Fournier. Até à presente data não houve qualquer acção da parte das autoridades em relação a este caso.

Numa carta enviada a 12 de Fevereiro, os três grupos apelam ao Procurador em Genebra e ao juíz de investigação que deêm uma continuação pro-activa na investigação Abalone. De acordo com André Rothenbühler do AFP:  “As autoridades judiciais Suíças, particularmente as de Genebra, deverão dar prioridade a luta contra a corrupção e o branqueamento de capitais. Caso contrário isto poderá colocar seriamente em questão a credibilidade dos compromissos internacionais que a Suíça tem em relação a estas áreas.”

Entre 1997 e 2001, 774 milhões de dólares de receitas provenientes do petróleo Angolano foram colocados numa conta no UBS Genebra pertencentes à Abalone Investment Limited, uma empresa de fachada dirigida pelo empresário Pierre Falcone e seu sócio Arcadi Gaydamak. Esta quantia seria supostamente para pagamento da dívida bilateral com a Rússia mas apenas 161 milhões de dólares foram transferidos da Abalone para uma conta em nome do Ministério das Finanças Russo. Cerca de 600 milhões foram transferidos para contas pertencentes a Falcone, Gaydamak e uma série de empresas misteriosas, com milhões acabando em contas privadas de oficiais Angolanos de alta patente, incluindo o Presidente Dos Santos, de acordo comum memorando publicado no jornal Francês Le Canard Enchaîné e com documentos examinados pela Global Witness.1 Falcone foi investigado por ‘branqueamento de capitais’, ‘apoio a uma organização criminal’ e ‘corrupção de agentes públicos oficiais estrangeiros’ no inquérito suíço arquivado pelo Procurador Zapelli. Gaydamak nunca foi formalmente acusado. Os dois homens negam qualquer apropriação indevida de fundos.

Falcone deverá apresentar-se em tribunal em França no decorrer deste ano relativamente a processos criminais ligados com o escândalo “Angola-gate”, envolvendo o alegado tráfico de armas para Angola durante a guerra civil. Já foi condenado a 4 anos de prisão por fraude fiscal e alem disso condenado a um ano de prisão num caso envolvendo a apropriação indevida de fundos públicos através de comissões pagas pela Sofremi, companhia que ajudava empresas Francesas a vender material de segurança, por um tribunal Francês. 2

Anne-Kathrin Glatz, da Berne Declaration comentou: ”Com a primeira eleição democrática em Angola este ano, os cidadãos Angolanos deverão conhecer a verdade acerca de qualquer envolvimento dos seus oficiais do governo na alegada apropriação de bens públicos. As receitas do petróleo deverão ser geridas com transparência e ser direccionadas para a redução da pobreza.” Os rendimentos anuais provenientes do petróleo em Angola são na ordem de 15 biliões de dólares. Apesar desta riqueza, três quartos dos seus cidadãos vivem abaixo da linha da pobreza.3

Contactos de Imprensa:           

André Rothenbühler, Action Place financière Suisse +41 (0)61 693 17 00 o +41 (0)79 273 61 43

Sarah Wykes, Global Witness +44 (0)207 561 6263 o +44 (0)7703 108 449

Anne-Kathrin Glatz, Déclaration de Berne +41 (0)21 620 03 09 o +41 (0)76 542 32 62

Notas :

1. Vide ‘Time for Transparency’, Global Witness, Março 2004, pp. 41-45

2. Vide Le Monde ‘Pierre Falcone condamné à quatre ans de prison ferme pour fraude fiscale’, 18 Janeiro 2008 e AFP ‘Prison ferme pour le fils Pasqua et Pierre Falcone dans le dossier Sofremi’, 11 Dezembro 2007. 3. Vide ‘IMF Executive Board Concludes 2006 Article IV Consultation with Angola’, FMI, 15 Novembro 2006 (http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pn/2006/pn06133.htm) e ‘ANGOLA: Poor marks for progress on MDG’, IRIN, 23 Outubro 2006 (http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?ReportId=61395).  

**************** french

Communiqué de presse

Bâle, Lausanne et Londres  

  Détournement de revenus pétroliers angolais :  

Le Procureur général de Genève doit relancer l’enquête  

L’Action Place financière suisse, la Déclaration de Berne et Global Witness protestent contre l’inertie actuelle du Procureur général et du Juge d’instruction du canton de Genève dans une enquête financière pendante depuis 2000 à Genève. Il s’agit pourtant du détournement présumé d’importants fonds publics angolais et d’une affaire qui implique de hauts dignitaires d’un des plus importants producteurs de pétrole africain.

L’affaire concerne des transferts douteux sur un compte bancaire à Genève de millions de dollars à la fin des années 1990. Ils proviennent de revenus pétroliers et étaient destinés au remboursement de la dette angolaise envers la Russie. Les indices de corruption d’agents publics étrangers et de blanchiment d’argent sont suffisamment probants et connus pour que les enquêtes soient menées à terme. Néanmoins, une procédure concernant cette affaire a été classée par le Procureur général du Canton de Genève, Daniel Zappelli, à la fin de 2004.

Le 22 décembre 2006, des citoyens angolais se portent dénonciateurs auprès du Procureur
Zappelli pour relancer l’enquête. En juillet 2007, un mémoire qui détaille les faits justifiant la dénonciation est ensuite déposé auprès du Procureur général et du Juge d’instruction Vincent Fournier, en charge du dossier. Or, jusqu’à maintenant, rien n’a été entrepris pour mener les investigations à terme.

Les trois ONG s’insurgent contre l’inertie actuelle du Procureur général et du Juge d’instruction genevois et leur demandent, dans une lettre envoyé le 11 février 2008, d’agir concernant le cas Abalone. Selon André Rothenbühler d’Action Place financière suisse, « les autorités judiciaires, en particulier dans le canton de Genève, doivent faire de la lutte contre la corruption et le blanchiment une priorité. Il en va de la crédibilité des engagements pris en la matière par la Suisse. ».

Entre 1997 et 2001, 774 millions de dollars issus des revenus pétroliers angolais ont été versés sur un compte à l’UBS appartenant à Abalone Investment Limited, société écran créée par l’homme d’affaires Pierre Falcone et son associé Arcadi Gaydamak. Cette somme était supposée servir au remboursement d’une dette angolaise envers la Russie. Or, seulement 161 millions de dollars ont été versés dans un compte enregistré au nom du Ministère des Finances russe. Environ 600 millions sont réapparus sur des comptes appartenant à Falcone, à Gaydamak ainsi qu’à une série d’obscures sociétés. Certains de ces comptes étaient contrôlés en dernier ressort par de hauts fonctionnaires angolais ainsi que par le président Dos Santos, selon un memo reproduit dans le journal français Le Canard Enchaîné et des documents vus par Global Witness.1 Dans l’affaire classée par Daniel Zappelli, Falcone avait fait l’objet d’une enquête pour « blanchiment d’argent, soutien à une organisation criminelle » et « corruption d’agents publics étrangers ». Gaydamak n’a jamais été inculpé formellement. Les deux hommes nient tout détournement de fonds.  

Falcone est en instance de procès en France dans le cadre de « l’affaire angolaise ». Il est accusé d’avoir participé à un trafic d’armes durant la guerre civile qui a déchiré ce pays. Il a déjà été condamné en France à quatre ans de prison pour fraude fiscale et à une année supplémentaire pour détournement de fonds public par l’intermédiaire d’une société appelée Sofremi, active dans la vente de matériel de sécurité2.

Anne-Kathrin Glatz, de la Déclaration de Berne, souligne : « A la veille des premières élections démocratiques prévue cette année en Angola, les citoyens doivent connaître la vérité sur l’implication de leurs autorités dans des affaires pendantes de détournement de fonds. Les revenus pétroliers doivent être gérés de manière transparente et servir à réduire la pauvreté. » L’Angola reçoit environ 15 milliards de dollars en recettes pétrolières annuelles. Pourtant, les trois quart de la population vivent en dessous du seuil de pauvreté3.  

Pour en savoir plus:

Anne-Kathrin Glatz, Déclaration de Berne+41(0)21 620 03 09/+41 (0)76 542 32 62)
André Rothenbühler, Aktion Finanzplatz Schweiz (+41 (0)61 693 17 00 ou +41 (0)79 273 61 43)
Sarah Wykes, Global Witness (+44 (0)207 561 6263 ou +44 (0)7703 108 449)

Notes :

1. Voir ‘Time for Transparency’, Global Witness, March 2004, pp. 41-45    


2. Voir Le Monde, « Pierre Falcone condamné à quatre ans de prison ferme pour fraude fiscale », 18 janvier 2008 et AFP, « Prison ferme pour le fils Pasqua et Pierre Falcone dans le dossier Sofremi », 11 décembre 2007.

3. Voir ‘IMF Executive Board Concludes 2006 Article IV Consultation with Angola’, FMI, 15 novembre 2006  (http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pn/2006/pn06133.htm) et ‘ANGOLA: Poor marks for progress on MDG’, Irin, 23 octobre 2006 (http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?ReportId=61395).  



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